Cloud Collaboration Self-Assessment


3 Days


To help you understand your company’s current environment in order to perform a high-level analysis of your Cloud Collaboration Maturity.

It’s a 3-stage process. First, we provide you with the Cloud Collaboration Self-Assessment. The sample questionnaire walks you through a set of questions so that you may familiarize with the structure, status and enabled settings of your environment. After you complete the Self-Assesment, the Second Stage would be a Pre-Engagement meeting with you and your IT Team. We’ll review the findings and insights to create a high level plan for your Cloud Collaboration Governance for Microsoft 365. The third and last stage consists of a Brief meeting in which we’ll explain the methodology used and the plan, the agenda for the next recommended steps and the costs of the Cloud Collaboration Governance Plan.


  • List of applicable solutions that can be configured for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Skill gap assessment of your current usage of Microsoft 365 subscription
  • License Review
  • Sessions Governance Plan
  • Governance Core Team Document


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